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Get the internet working for your Bar in 2023 for just $9.99

Published August 15, 2023

Buy PDF Now ($9.99) Buy on Amazon Hire Help

No Coding

You won't need to know any code

No Expensive Tools

No costly tools required

No Blogging

You won't need to dream up endless articles

No Link Building

You won't need to go begging for links

No Social Media

No need to maintain endless profiles

No YouTube Mastery

You won't need to be a YouTube expert

Full Step-By-Step Tutorials for WordPress and SquareSpace

Google and Bing Compliant SEO • WordPress and SquareSpace Compatible

Course Contents

  • About SEO for Bar Owners
  • What is SEO for Bars?
  • SEO keyword phrases for Bars
STEP ONE: Setting up a Search Engine Optimizable Bar website
  • The Best Domain Names for Bar websites
  • Top Level Website Requirements for SEO
  • Squarespace for Bar websites
  • WordPress and BlueHost for Bar websites
  • Squarespace or WordPress for your Bar Website
  • SquareSpace Set Up Basics for Bars
  • WordPress Set Up Basics for Bars
  • SEO Friendly Website Structuring for Bars
  • Creating an SEO Friendly Structure for a Bar website in SquareSpace
  • Creating an SEO Friendly Structure for a Bar website in WordPress
  • Choosing images for your Bar website
  • Stock photos for Bars websites
  • Optimizing images before loading to your website
  • Adding images to your Bar website
STEP TWO: Search Engine Optimizing your Bar website
  • What is the most Search Engine Optimizable Bar website?
  • Adding your location the SEO way
  • Optimizing URLs and page titles for a Bar website
  • Good meta descriptions for Bars websites
  • Image ALT tags for Bar websites
  • Creating content for your Bar website
  • Make your entities salient
  • Checking for readability
  • Adding JSON to a Bar website
STEP THREE: SEO monitoring for Bar websites
  • Pingdom Setup for a Bar website
  • Google Analytics setup for a Bar website
  • Google Search Console setup for a Bar website
  • Bing Webmaster Tools setup for a Bar website
STEP FOUR: The Wider Web for Bars
  • Creating a Google Business Profile for a Bar
  • Creating a Bing Places Profile for a Bar
  • Getting Online Reviews for your Bar
  • Barnacle SEO for Bars
  • Navigating the Social Media Maze for Bar Owners
STEP FIVE: Busting Bar SEO Myths
  • Bar Blogging
  • Site Map Submission
  • Link Building and Content Marketing
  • Keyword Tools for Bar websites

Get the internet working for your Bar in 2023 for just $9.99

Buy Now ($9.99) Buy on Amazon Hire Help
Tim Hill SEO

I'm Tim Hill, Owner and Founder of the Link2Light SEO and Online Marketing Agency.

I created this course for Acupuncturists who want to do their own SEO at their own speed and stay in full control of the process.

All the information in this resource are actions my agency carries out for clients, this is real world SEO, not theory. Buy now and start your journey!

Full Step By Step Tutorials

Every step of the SEO journey is covered with step by step tutorials that walk you through the process with screenshots. Just follow along in real time and build your SEO friendly Bar website.

No code to learn, no technical skills needed

We'll show you the online platforms that take care of the coding so you don't have to. SEO for Bar Owners is a knowledge resource that requires no previous experience.

Save on SEO Agency Costs

SEO agencies charge thousands of dollars to search engine optimize pages. Access everything they know here at a fraction of the cost.

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