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STEP THREE: SEO monitoring for Car Wash websites

So how do you know if all your efforts so far are having a positive effect on your search engine rankings? Let's look at the various tools available to track progress over time.

So how do you know if all your efforts so far are having a positive effect on your search engine rankings? Let's look at the various tools available to track progress over time.

Website Analysis for SEO
There's no point doing SEO if you don't know the effect. There are simple, free tools that allow you to do this.

We're going to need some external tools because simply opening Google and typing in something like 'Car Washes woodydale' isn't going to tell you anything. It might appear to you that you are ranking well but pop next door and use someone else's computer and you'll probably see a very different picture.

This is because most major search engines use 'personalized search'. If you have spent a lot of time on a particular website then when you make a search related to that website .... the search engines include it in the top results.

They think, "You liked this site before, you'll probably like it again."

To overcome this we need to use third party tools that have no history. We'll also need tools that tell us what people are doing on our website so we can improve the content and design still further - because the longer people stay on the site, the more search engines see it as relevant to the search that was just carried out, and the more they will want to rank you even higher.

We're also going to need to ensure our website is live 24/7/365. Search engines hate unreliable websites so even if your SEO is triple A in terms of content and it looks great because of your tip-top design - if it isn't working half the time, don't expect to rank highly in the search results.

In this section we will go through the set up and basics of all these tools including:

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