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About SEO for Appliance Store Owners

SEO for Appliance Store Owners is a specialist website for Appliance Store Owners who want to do their own Search Engine Optimization. The content has been written by me, Tim Hill, founder and owner of the Link2Light SEO and Online Marketing agency.

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Search Engine Optimization is both an art and a science. We are dealing with search engines like Google and Bing who refuse to reveal exactly what it takes to rank in their top positions except for some vague advice.

Such murky indicators are then left wide open for interpretation and leading people to make claims like "you have to blog" or "you need to reach out to similar websites and get them to link to you".

I've been in the SEO business for nearly two decades and seen plenty of fads come and go. Much has changed because search engines have evolved so what you read on the internet can easily be out of date. There is also a whole lot of 'noise' out there from self proclaimed 'SEO experts' who often contradict each other.

Many of these 'experts', when you look a little closer, rely heavily on paid advertising for their businesses to work while claiming to their audience that their SEO is effective. If it was, why do they pay for clicks?

In Search Engine Optimization for Appliance Stores I'll share with you what actually works and how you can put it into action without needing any technical skills, without needing to blog and without needing to beg others for links to your website.

There are no "industry secrets" here because none actually exist, just a common sense approach to helping search engines list your business where it should be so potential customers can find you.

That means you help search engines provide a better user experience on their platform. A win-win.

I'll start from square one and I strongly recommend you begin there as well even if you have a website at the moment. It may mean you need to make some fundamental changes but don't be tempted to skip these or they will undermine all your future efforts.

Above all, enjoy SEO. With each task you complete you'll pass ever more clarity to the likes of Google and Bing and by the end you will have a robust web presence that will help your business grow.