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STEP FIVE: Busting Appliance Store SEO Myths

If you've been hunting down SEO advice for your Appliance Store website on the net you've probably seen a lot of advice. But how much of it is true?

If you've been hunting down SEO advice for your Appliance Store website on the net you've probably seen a lot of advice. But how much of it is true?

Not much ... is the answer!

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SEO shark agencies and con artists rely on myths and legends, don't become a victim

In this section I'll take you through the common myths that surround Appliance Store SEO and debunk them including:

  • Blogging
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Keyword Tools
  • Link Building / Content Marketing

Yes, you have probably heard many say things like 'You have to blog', 'You need to have a Facebook page' or be on Twitter. You need to beg other websites for links.

No, none of that. These are SEO techniques which are not relevant to local businesses like appliance stores but people tend to spurt them out when they don't really understand Search Engine Optimization and how it should apply to an Appliance Store which serves a particular geographical area.

Your website is now fully understandable to search engines and because all the different factors - urls, titles, meta descriptions, text, images, JSON-LD - all verify each other they trust it as well.

But that doesn't mean you are going to bounce straight to the top of Google or Bing. You might but it could well take a few weeks. Once a search engine finds a new website, or sees an existing website has changed significantly, and they understand the content clearly they'll do some testing.

This might involve ranking you in their top 10 for certain searches 'now and then' and measuring how well people react to you compared to those who are currently ranking. For searches carried out dozens of times a day they are able to gather this information and make a decision within a matter of days. For more occasional search phrases it takes longer.

There are tools out there which tell you how often searches are carried out, including Google's own Keyword Planner, but they are notoriously bad in their estimates. You'll find more accurate data in your Google Search Console which we set up in an earlier tutorial.

An alternative to sitting on your hands and waiting is to use Google Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising to target the keyword. It costs but Google will tell you how well your website is being received by people (versus competitors) while at the same time giving Google the data it needs to make ranking decisions far faster. It works like this:

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