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What is SEO for Appliance Stores?

Before we dive in to search engine optimizing your Appliance Stores website it's vital to understand what we are trying to achieve at a top level. Get this wrong and all your SEO efforts will be wasted.

So let's take a step back to see the big picture. We have two key aims here:

  1. Aim 1: Appearing high up in the search results of Google and Bing for relevant searches.
  2. Aim 2: Keeping those rankings long term.

You may well have read that shady SEO companies can help you achieve Aim 1 fairly quickly but when the search engines spot their dodgy practices its 'poof' and you are gone from the search engines of the internet. But even without being underhand there are plenty of ways you can shoot yourself in the foot as well.

Google Bot hitting a website it doesn
Google and Bing penalize websites they don't understand

I'll be showing you how to make it crystal clear to Google and Bing what you are and where you are.

Once search engines understand this they think: "OK, so this website says it is a Appliance Store at location X ... but I'm only a machine so I need humans to confirm this"

The way they do this is to show your website high up in their search results now and then over a period of time and see how humans react to you. In SEO we sometimes refer to this as the Google Dance because where you appear in the search results 'dances' around.

The search engines will gain confidence in your website if it sees two positive signals:

  1. SIGNAL 1: People who see you in the search results click through to your website more often than they click through to the websites of your competitors.
  2. SIGNAL 2: People who do click through don't click the back button too fast ... or too often.

Signal 2 helps search engines remove spammers - those who pretend to be a Appliance Store but they are really offering something else like casino games, adult content or that "gadget everyone is going crazy for". You know the type of thing.

But there are plenty of other reasons people back out:

  • Your website looks like a high school project from the 1990s.
  • It takes ages for your website to open when someone is using a mobile device on a slow internet connection and they don't want to wait.
  • Your content is difficult to view and read on a tablet or smartphone.

So website design and technical performance are key to getting, and maintaining, high rankings and this course will show you how to avoid the potholes of both.

But how can you win with Signal 1 and get more people clicking through to you more often than to the websites of other appliance stores)?

Let's look at what we're aiming for and why with the search engine listing for an imaginary appliance store called Preonus in the fictional town of Woodydale.

Prenous Appliance Stores

Woodydale's Favorite Appliance Store
At Preonus Appliance Store we're known for our outstanding appliances and are proud to serve Woodydale since 2012. Call us toll free...




Let's go through these to understand what each should contain:

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