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Can I outsource my blog?


Yes, many individuals and companies do just that.

Common reasons include:

  • time constraints
  • not knowing how to write in an effective way for both human readers and search engines
  • lack of fluency in the language (perhaps it is a second language)
  • lack of knowledge in a particular subject area

In our blog post Do blogs help SEO? this is discussed in more detail.

We offer a fully confidential ghost writing service where blogs can be created, maintained or expanded or we can simply supply articles for your blog on a regular basis (daily, weekly or monthly) to suit your needs.

The text we provide is 100% original and written by a human, not a computer.

Each piece is itself optimised for a chosen word or phrase to maximise the impact of it, and the blog as a whole, on the internet. If you want a blog but don't have the resources to reliably maintain one then contact us at the SEO quote page.

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