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Want to start ranking your website but need some help making it happen? Read the content here and thought "I don't fancy doing that, I'm better doing what I do best"?

This How to SEO website is run by link2light, a global SEO and Online Marketing agency with nearly two decades of experience. We can help you get your website ranking in Google and assist you in making the most of other Online Marketing options.

Sounds expensive? It will probably cost less than you think. We spend nothing on advertising and don't maintain glitzy city center offices which our customers would ultimately have to pay for. We're located in Central Europe to keep out operating costs down and pass that value on to you.

We work with clients in many different ways:

  • Skype consultation - whether you simply need to get a few issues resolved yourself but aren't sure how, or if you want to discuss the overall strategy of your site, we can talk it over during a Skype session with no obligation for you to take any of our services further. See our Skype consultation page at for more information.
  • Website audits - if you are looking for an in-depth understanding of how to improve your website we can carry out a full audit complete with specific recommendations and a quote from us on costs so you can decide what you want to do, and who you want to do it. See our SEO audit page at for more information.
  • Long term relationships - we've worked with many of our clients for years. They stay with us because they see results and because we are clear and transparent in what we do. Some choose to let us get on with it while they focus on what they do best, some like to be closely involved - we can work with you anyway you prefer. See our Partnerships page at for more information.
Tim Hill SEO

I'm Tim Hill, a Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing specialist. I created this site to help others understand that SEO is not a mysterious black art!.

If your a newbie try the Getting Started in SEO page, otherwise feel free to dig around and learn more.

If you need help simply get in touch.

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