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What does Google Keyword Tool mean in SEO?

The Google Keyword Tool can help you decide which keywords and phrases you should try to rank for by telling you how often a word or phrase is searched every month.

You can find it simply by searching "Google Keyword Tool" in Google or by logging into your Google Adwords Account (if you have one) and then clicking "Tools and Analysis" and then "Keyword Tool".

You can select which country you are targeting, the language and the type of device (e.g. computers or smartphones, etc.)

Note the Keyword Tool should be treated with extreme caution, it is not as straightforward as some assume and many spend a great deal of time optimizing their website or page for a keyword phrase that looks as if it has a healthy number of searches but actually produces very little traffic.

To find out more about these issues in more detail see the blog post Is Google's Keyword Tool Accurate?

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