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How to SEO in2018
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Is SEO all about links?


In the true sense, no. You can find all that contributes to the process on our how to seo your website.

But that is not to say that it can't be all about the links as "The Miserable Failure" story shows. Here a large number of webmasters got together and all put a text link which said "Miserable Failure" on their site. The link went to

Now the page does not mention miserable failure (in the displayed text although it is in the code), there is no miserable failure in the URL, and there is no "text rich page" as many say you need.

But go to google, search "miserable failure" and you will find it within the first 10 results. How?

Because so many people used the text "miserable failure" in their links to the sites, and their sites were well respected on the web, the robots who crawl and index the internet have to conclude this is an important page about "Miserable Failure".

In other words if enough people (or sites) say something is then it has to be so. But the chances of you being able to persuade the same number of people, with sites the search engines respect, to do the same for you are fairly small ... to put it mildly

As a final point when it comes to links the following are discounted by the search engines so spending time on them will not move you any further forward:

  • reciprocal links - where you simply swap links with another site
  • links from a link farm - a link from a site or page that is simply a long list of links
  • links in a link wheel - where Site A gives a link to Site B which gives a link to Site C which links back to Site A. There can be many more sites involved but search engines are already finding ways to spot this.

For more on which links count, and which links don't, visit out page on how to seo your website

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