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SEO Tools

This is a comprehensive list of tools that will help you with your SEO work.

On-Page SEO checker

Basic SEO Tools

These are the tools every Search Engine Optimizer cannot do without, the basics of the basics.

Backlink checker

Backlink checkers

A few backlink checkers so you can see who links to you and if the links being created could be mistaken as spammy ... !

HTML and CSS Validators

HTML and CSS Validators

These are validators that I use regularly to ensure clean code which means websites should render well in any browser

Page load speed

Page load speed tools

I use Pingdom's very useful tool. This page explains how to access it and interpret the results.

SEO Chat Forum

Just not sure about something? Ask the experts but remember you are only getting opinions. I'm a member here and I've found this to be one of the best run SEO forums on the net.

Be specific in what you ask - vague questions like "How can I SEO my website?" won't get you magic comprehensive answers.

Check our the stickies (forum threads at the top of each section) for bundles of indepth information - but remember, these are opinions!

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