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What does Google Webmaster Tools mean in SEO?

This is a free to use online tool from Google and you can sign up for an account at

It is part of a suite of tools and any SEO practitioner needs it if they are serious about ranking in Google's search results.

Amoung other things it will tell you:
  • The average position of your website for certain keywords and phrases and whether or not you are improving or declining
  • How many pages of your website Google has indexed (remembered)
  • How often Google is crawling your site and if it is having difficulty accessing pages
  • If it thinks you are breaking Google's terms and conditions and hence applying a penalty to you

There are a whole host of other features here with plenty of help guidance on each screen so it's worth taking some time and getting to know this very useful tool.

You can also use Google Webmaster Tools to upload a sitemap.xml file which can accelerate the rate at which Google indexes the pages on your website.

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