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What does Indirect SEO mean in SEO?

Ask most SEO professionals about activities like Social Media and they'll huff and puff that it makes no difference at all to your rankings ... but they could not be more wrong!

They follow this reasoning because they only think in direct terms. If you get a good link that will help your rankings. But what if you did something else that in turn then got you a good link? Well that would also help your rankings and that is indirect SEO.

A no follow link on a very popular blog will do nothing for your rankings. However it will bring in a great deal of targetted traffic. Some of those visitors may link to you and that is something the search engines will give you brownie points for.

In other words don't discount activities just because that activity in itself has no SEO benefit. Ask yourself, "Will doing this bring me the right visitors?" If so, get on with it and enjoy indirect SEO!

Examples of indrect SEO include:

  • Well written blog comments that will make people want to follow the link you place there.
  • Taking a constructive roll in a forum related to your website's topic.
  • Making a positive contribution to Question and Answer sites
  • Running a useful and interesting Facebook/Google+/Twitter/Instagram/etc. profile.

I'm Tim Hill, a Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing specialist. I created this site to help others understand that SEO is not a mysterious black art!.

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