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What does Page Source Code mean in SEO?

This is the code browsers receive that they then use to build (known as rendering) a website page.

To view the source code of any page on the internet:

  1. Find a blank space on the page and right hand click
  2. From the menu that pops up left click on 'View Page Source' (depending on your browser the working may vary slightly but there will only be one choice similar to this)
  3. The source code the browser used to render the page will open.

You'll usually find a mass of code here which is impossible to understand unless you have some technical knowledge but it is possible to search out particular elements.

To search the source code

  1. Press Ctrl and F at the same time
  2. A small search box will appear - top left or bottom right (depending on your browser)
  3. Enter what you are looking for here and you will be taken straight to the first instance where this search term occurs.
  4. Next to the search box will be an indicator of how many times that search term appears on the page (usually as '1/3' or '1 of 3')

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