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What does Time to Bounce mean?

If you have read and understood the details surrounding Bounce Rate then the next step is to understand Time to Bounce.

If you create a page on the internet which ranks well and contains some useful information you might still find that you have an extremely high bounce rate.

That's simply because visitors are coming in, seeing the information they need, and feel no reason to stay any longer. Thus bounce rates of near 100% are not always a bad thing.

The key for many search engines is to consider the bounce rate together with the Time to Bounce.

So if your bounce rate is high and users bounce within a few seconds of arriving that's a bad thing. It sends a signal to search engines that you should not be ranking for that keyword search as user behaviour says you have nothing of interest for people.

This is the reason many people use some SEO practices (like link building) to achieve high rankings, only to find that they loose them again fairly quickly.

Ultimately however the end game is to decrease increase your Time to Bounce and you can sometimes see how webmasters do this by storing the important information further down the page. Thus the user spends time scrolling down.

This is a small fix and generally it is better to consider ways to make your website a sticky website.

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