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Should I add a blog to my website?


There is so much advice on the internet that suggests a blog as the route to good search engine rankings but this can be highly misleading.

As we demonstrate in our SEO example this website ranked quickly and with no blog.

Why? Because of a wealth of reasons covered in the How to SEO your website guide.

Now that doesn't mean that a blog is wrong either. It can be very valuable if:

  • You can keep the motivation to write regularly (remember your may have very few visitors for months to start with.
  • You can write in an engaging and interesting way and in good quality English (or whatever the language of your website is)
  • You are prepared to spend time monitoring the comments people add to your blog posts to make sure they are not spam

For many people who have a passion about a subject this is a piece of cake (as with our MD who maintains an SEO blog)but if you are doing it because you have to then it will become a demoralising grind.

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