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Should I outsource my SEO to India?


There have been mixed results on this. Undoubtedly there are very talented programmers in India who can work for a far lower salary than those in the West and so they offer far better value for money.

Unfortunately there are also conmen and fleecing you out of a few hundred dollars means alot to them but too little for you to start any kind of international legal action. You are also opening up your entire code (and security) to people in a very distant, and poorly regulated, location.

We do all our SEO work in house to maintain total control and security but we do know the following has happened:

  • The work is never done and the deposit funds are never returned.
  • The work is done using Black Hat techniques which work while you pay the bill but eventually result in your site being banned by the search engines.
  • 'Time bombs' are placed in the code which will take your site down if you do not pay for the deactivation codes.
  • The language barrier results in incorrect keywords being optimised.

There is also a very interesting article on smartlifeblog about one person's experience when outsourcing blog commenting to a company in India:

"A few rotten apples" to be sure but certainly not all of India or Asia. However you will need to satisfy yourself beyond all doubt that you have found a reputable company. Or alternatively you can use us ;-).

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