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There is so much misinformation on the web about SEO that before we start talking about how to do it I had better erase some of the things people think will give them higher rankings in the search results.

  • You can rank #1 in the search results - not true, all the major search engines use personalized search so you can never be #1 for everyone with the exception of brand names.
  • You need links to rank - not true, and I demonstrated it. See the SEO example page for details.
  • If you get lots of links you will rank higher - not true, a handful of high quality links will have a far greater effect than thousands of low quality links.
  • You need to do SEO to rank - not true, many pages rank and their owners have never lifted an SEO finger. Much depends on your competition and your natural ability to write in a way search engines understand and others love to read and share.
  • Building microsites will help you rank - not true, you are better off spending time on your main site creating great content that users will want to link to than trying to create a dozen other sites and build their authority.
  • Getting links from sites with a high Google PageRank will help you rank - not true, it is just as important for the links to come from pages with a similar theme to yours and be located in the content of those pages. Google relies less and less on PageRank.
  • You need fresh content to rank - not true, many sites which haven't been updated in years rank top. It's the quality of the content, not its date that matters.
  • If you do blog commenting it will help - not directly true. If you place interesting comments they will attract people to visit your site and if your site is good they will share/create links to it but the link in the blog comment itself will count for nothing in a search engine's eyes.
  • If you get links with your keyword in it that it will help - not anymore. Search engines can figure out if your link is relevant based on the surrounding text and it context. Lots of links with your keyword in it are more likely to get you penalized than ranked these days.
  • Submitting your website to 400 search engines will bring more traffic - not true, how many people do you know who use anything other than Google, Yahoo and Bing?
  • If your domain name is your keyword you will rank - not anymore. Google did away with Exact Match Domains in 2012.
  • SEO is easy - sometimes it is. It all depends on your competition.

I'm Tim Hill, a Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing specialist. I created this site to help others understand that SEO is not a mysterious black art!.

If your a newbie try the Getting Started in SEO page, otherwise feel free to dig around and learn more.

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