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What does Title Tag mean in SEO?

Every web page should have a title tag but many don't. It should appear in the head of the document and looks like this:
<title>The Title of the Web Pags</title>

This is extremely important in SEO for a number of reasons:

1) In search results it is the blue underlined text which is most eye-catching in attracting users to visit your website.

2) Search engine robots place a great weight on its contents when deciding what the page is about, so long as the title tag does match the content of the page. In this sense it should contain as many of the keywords as possible.

3) When users add the site to their favorites or to a bookmarking site this is the text that will be saved to remind them of the page. If well written it will remind them to return to the page again and thus improve your traffic.

Full details on how to optimize your title tags can be found on the guide page How to SEO your Title Tag

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