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Choosing images for your Appliance Store website

Obviously an all text website is going to look pretty dry and uninviting. You'll be needing some images.

Obviously an all text website is going to look pretty dry and uninviting. You'll be needing some images.

In the following tutorials we're going to cover:

  • What images are the most affective.
  • How to create your own images or source them from elsewhere without ever needing to get in front of a camera.
  • How to prepare the images so they are optimized for a website.
Choosing images on a tablet
The wrong images, or poorly prepared images, can kill your SEO. Invest time in getting them right.

Effective images for a Appliance Store website

If your pages are going to look great then your images need to look great. In an ideal world you'll have some excellent pictures in and around your Store.

The ones which carry the most power are:

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