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Top Level Website Requirements for SEO

What do search engines want from every website regardless of its content? Luckily these days it is exactly the same as what your potential Customers want. We touched on some of these earlier but here is a refresher:

What do search engines want from every website regardless of its content? Luckily these days it is exactly the same as what your potential customers want. We touched on some of these earlier but here is a refresher:

  • A website which looks great in any device from the smallest smartphone to the widest desktop screen - and screens these days can come pretty small as well as pretty wide! Search engines can test this in seconds and they'll ding you for 'poor user experience' if your site falls apart on certain screen sizes.
  • A website that loads fast even if the user is standing in the middle of a field on the slowest of internet connections. Search engines obsess about load speed in this mobile world.
  • A website that works 24/7/365. Some search engines might visit your website several times a week, if it's offline too often they won't want to rank it because that would give their users a poor experience ... and then they might go off and use a different search engine.
  • A website that looks every bit as slick as your competitors because people stay longer and convert into customers more often on modern and professional Appliance Store websites ... and search engines see this
  • A website that is secure so information your potential customers give you, say in contact forms, can't be stolen by third parties.
SEO factors
There are multiple factors at play with SEO and not all of them are immediately obvious

Now if you already have a website then you need to take action on these points first before you do anything else. As I said there is no point trying to Search Engine Optimize an appliance store website which is fundamentally flawed.

It's the basics that will amplify any SEO work you do later. Set up your website the right way and Search Engine Optimization will be a whole lot easier. Do it the wrong way and it will be a constant struggle with some SEO tasks proving expensive or even impossible to achieve.

This work is also going to be crucial for turning your website visitors into customers making enquiries and booking appointments. The wrong site set up leaks potential customers and wastes your SEO efforts.

The great news is you don't need to have any technical skills to make all these things happen because of instant website services that allow you to get up and running by just filling in forms and clicking buttons.

But not all of them are born equal. If SEO is your aim, then you really only have two choices:

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