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Squarespace or WordPress for your Appliance Store Website

In the previous tutorials we've covered the pros and cons of SquareSpace or BlueHost with WordPress as potential places to host your Appliance Store website.

In the previous tutorials we've covered the pros and cons of SquareSpace or BlueHost with WordPress as potential places to host your appliance store website

Squarespace or Wordpress for a Appliance Store website?
Squarespace and Wordpress are both excellent for an Appliance Store website, you need to decide which you are most comfortable with.

It's all started to sound pretty depressing for Wordpress - it's not that bad and problems are rare but I'm flagging it up so you can make a choice with your eyes wide open.

All I can say is some appliance store owners take to WordPress like a duck to water and love how you can do so much more with it than Squarespace will ever allow. For others learning how to fit everything together and make WordPress work becomes bang-your-head-on-a-table kind of stuff. It's a personal thing and only you can decide.

Personally I would put it this way. If you use the following rules you'll know which one to choose:

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