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WordPress and BlueHost for Appliance Store websites

Why do you need both Wordpress and BlueHost? Time for a little jargon:

Why do you need both Wordpress and BlueHost? Time for a little jargon:

  • "The host" - the company that will provide a server so your website is available 24/7/365
  • "The platform" - the computer program that creates and serves up your website to people.

In the previous tutorial we looked at SquareSpace - it is both a Host and a Platform. The alternative is BlueHost as your Host and WordPress as the platform.

Again - I get no kickback from BlueHost if you use them. I'm covering them as a potential host for you to consider because I use them and their servers are SEO effective.

Learning WordPress
WordPress has a steeper learning curve compared to SquareSpace but your options are unlimited offering you more flexibility later

BlueHost has servers which tick all the boxes - they are fast and reliable and there is superb customer service should you have any teething troubles.

And I know I am repeating this but it's vitally important. Don't skimp on hosting costs - cheap hosts have servers which are slow and unreliable - two major factors that search engines take into account when deciding where your website should rank.

Super cheap hosting companies are also often home to websites run by spammers and it's possible that if you end up on a server with them you may end up blacklisted by search engines - or at the very least marked down because of your shady neighbors!

For less than $5 per month BlueHost will do the complete initial set up for you. They'll install Wordpress, sort out your SSL (the thing which makes your site secure) and even organize a domain name if you don't have one yet. In many ways, up to this point, it will feel as easy as SquareSpace.

However, what you will have is a bulk standard WordPress website that looks pretty awful. SquareSpace has a menu of templates for you to just choose and click. In WordPress there are a few more hoops to jump through.

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