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The Best Domain Names for Appliance Store websites

This is the 'mydomainname.com' bit. It once was a direct SEO factor which meant if you put what you do and where you are in your domain name you were highly likely to do well in the search results.

This is the 'mydomainname.com' bit. It once was a direct SEO factor which meant if you put what you do and where you are in your domain name you were highly likely to do well in the search results.

Choosing a domain name
Your domain name plays a role in SEO ... but perhaps not in the way you might think.

So, for example, if you were based in Homer and had the domain homerappliancestore.com that would help you rank for the search 'Appliance Store homer'.

This practice was known as using an Exact Match Domain. The domain name exactly matched what a person searched for.

This doesn't work anymore, any mention that you find around the net which claims your domain name helps your SEO is dated or its someone trying to sell you that domain! But remember what we said earlier, it does have an influence on humans when they see it in the search results so we do need to choose it with care.

The more a person sees what they want in a single search result listing the more they are likely to click through to that website and that does have an effect on your SEO.

This is why in the search engine listing example in the tutorial What is SEO for Appliance Stores we included what you do and where you are multiple times.

So going back to our example of an appliance store based in the town of Woodydale. For such a business the domain should be either:

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