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Optimizing images before loading to your website

Photos coming off your own camera or Smartphone, from a professional photographer or from a Stock Images portal are going to be huge in terms of width, dimension and file size.

Photos coming off your own camera or Smartphone, from a professional photographer or from a Stock Images portal are going to be huge in terms of width, dimension and file size.

This means they could easily slow your website loading speed down to a crawl, especially for people trying to open your pages on a Smartphone with a poor internet connection. If I haven't hammered this home enough already ... this is SEO suicide!

If you got stock images as I described above the images won't be as big as those from your camera or a professional photographer but they'll still need some additional preparation.

Let's start with the large picture which you will use in your 'header' area. This will replace the images of trees on the SquareSpace site or the spectacles on a table on the WordPress site:

We're going to use freely available online tools to change the dimensions of the image and then reduce the file size.

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