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Squarespace for Appliance Store websites

Squarespace is the ultimate hassle free option with very little to learn. You just sign up, choose an off the shelf website, create pages at the click of a mouse button and fill in the ready made templates with your texts and images.

Squarespace is the ultimate hassle-free option with very little to learn. You just sign up, choose an off the shelf website, create pages at the click of a mouse button and fill in the ready-made templates with your texts and images.

I'll repeat what I said in the previously - I get no kick back from SquareSpace if you use their service. I recommend them because I use them and I get results.

Squarespace signup page
Squarespace is the easy set up option but if you get ambitious you might find it cramps your style!

They have an extensive and impressive assortment of designs which look the part, load super fast, are mega reliable and are highly search engine optimizable. If you have absolutely no website at all right now, they'll even help you set up your domain name - that mywebsitename.something bit.

Should you struggle at any point they have exceptional customer service and a great user community (see it at https://answers.squarespace.com/index.html) so you'll never be on you own with any "How to" or "Why" questions.

It really is so incredibly straightforward that any appliance store owner could have something pretty amazing set up today.

So what's not to like? Well there are some downsides.

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