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Stock photos for Appliance Stores websites

There are many reasons why you might not want to use a professional photographer to take and prepare images for your website

There are many reasons why you might not want to use a professional photographer to take and prepare images for your website.

You or some of your team may not be comfortable in front of a camera, the cost may be more than you can budget for, your business location might make it difficult for photo shoots, the list goes on.

In this case stock images are a great second option. They are photographs of businesses like yours taken by professional photographers, often using professional actors and actresses.

The photographers then upload these photos to online portals where you can purchase them at a fraction of the cost needed to hire the photographer themselves. The photographer, on the other hand, gets to sell the same photos over and over again and make his income through volume sales.

Appliance Store related image
An appliance store related stock image

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of stock image portals out there. Some are very expensive because they provide the high resolutions required for print format (like leaflets or brochures). At the other end of the scale are portals with a poor selection of images from amateurs that won't do your website any favors.

What you need are portals with a good selection that has been human curated for quality and that allows you to download lower resolution images better suited (and cheaper) for websites.

I use:

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