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What does Pay Per Impression mean in SEO?

If you are using a system such as Google Ads to gain traffic you have two choices. To pay only when someone clicks on your ad (Pay Per Click - PPC) or to pay every time someone sees your ad.

The latter type is known as Pay Per Impression and has its pros and cons

Pros of Pay Per Impression

  • It's much, much cheaper than PPC for the number of times your advertisement is shown and so you get much better exposure
  • It works well for people who don't need click throughs, only brand awareness. An example might be Coca Cola where clicking through is of no advantage but reminding the consumer about the brand is.

Cons of Pay Per Impression

  • The user may not always see your ad. For example if it is at the bottom of a webpage and they do not scroll down that far you will still be charged for the impression

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