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What does Personalized Search mean?

Most major search engines employ personalized search. This is where they take into account factors such as your geographical location and what pages you have visited before in order to provide you with what they believe are 'better' search results for you.

The more information they have, the more they can personalize your results so, for example, if you are logged into your Google account you may well see different results in Google compared to when you are logged out as you may have given Google a great deal of personal information when you signed up.

As such two people sitting next to each other using two different computers can see two different sets of results in a search engine like Google when searching the same word or phrase.

The myth of being #1

The introduction of personalized search was rolled out globally by Google in 2009. From that day anyone promising that they could rank you #1 on Google was talking nonsense unless they are:

  • Offering to rank you for a keyword with virtually no competition - this page ranks #1 for "Iglefiknuckle" - go on, try it!
  • Offering to rank you for your brand name and your brand name is unique (like "Iglefiknuckle") but if this is the case you probably already rank #1 for it.
  • Offering to use Adwords (and your wallet) to get you to the top.

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